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At St. Matthew's we are always very honoured to help and support families in time of bereavement.  If a loved one has recently died and you would like support please ring or email, we will get back to you as soon as we can.  You can find our details on the  Contact us page.

You may be wondering what you need to do, and where to find help.  You can find help on the Government website https://www.gov.uk/after-a-death, or from the hospice, hospital or your GP; but there are esentially 3 main things you need to do: Get a medical certificate from your GP or hospital; Register the death; and arrange the funeral.

When arranging a funeral you can either appoint a funeral director or arrange it yourself.  Either way as a church we can offer you help and advice, prayer and support.

Our ministers would be happy to conduct a service for you either at a crematorium, in our church, or at a cemetary or FD's chapel.

If you are using a Funeral Director to arrange the funeral they will ask who you would like to conduct the service.  You don't need to be a regular attender of church to have a Church of England minister, we are here to serve everyone, so please feel free to ask for us, we'd be happy to assist you.

St. Matthew, Chadderton has an extensive graveyard, and you may well be able to have a burial here.  Anyone who lived in the parish, died in the parish, has a family grave, or is a member of the church has the right to be buried here.  For the regulations governing churchyards in the Diocese of Manchester please see CHURCHYARD REGULATIONS 2016 .pdf

The cost of a funeral varies dependant on what sort of service you wish to have; but to give you an idea of the costs please see below.

Funeral Fees (2018)
Service at a Crematorium £190.00 (+ Crematorium fee)
Service in church followed by a cremation £337.50 (+ Crematorium fee)
Service in church followed by a buial at St. Matthew £973.50 (there is no fee of leasing the grave)
Graveside service £753.00


Every year in the autumn we also invite families to whom we have ministered to  service where we remember all those who have died.  The All Soul's service is be publised on the calendar page All Souls Service.  

A prayer for the recently bereaved:

O God, who brought us to birth,

and in whose arms we die,

in our grief and shock

contain and comfort us;

embrace us with your love,

give us hope in our confusion

and grace to let go into new life;

through Jesus Christ.