The Passion in Plants

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Published by Hannah Currin on Mon, 13 Apr 2020 10:29

Happy Easter everyone!

Gardens play a central role in the Easter Story, most notably the point at which Mary mistakes the risen Christ for a gardener. We've been spending as much time outside in the garden over the last four weeks, conscious also at how lucky we are to have outside space to ourselves. We are taking joy in tiny flowers blooming, blossoms and forget-me-nots returning to bloom after a winter hidden. We've enjoyed creating our own Easter garden as a family and have loved seeing lots of others from our community doing the same.

But even for those with out a garden there is still joy to behold in nature and plants. I saw a story the other day of a woman who lives in London who has begun to label with chalk even the tiniest weeds in the cracks of the pavements to enlighten people as they take their daily permitted exercise. 

This week I have been enjoying a programme on Radio 4 "The Passion in Plants" recorded in part at Hilfield Franciscan Friary, a place where Andy and I spent a year living as lay members of the community. Each episode has taken a look at the story of Holy Week and Easter through native plant species. Today I recommend that you make a good brew with a biscuit or two, click on the link below and listen to Brother Sam and Bob Gilbert discussing amongst others the Alleluia flower! 

Click here for Radio 4 "The Passion in Plants"


The Passion in Plants - beautiful words and so interesting. Thank you
Han C
Ah the passion flower! I've always wanted one of these too... is it a climber? Such a bizarre flower but love the imagery associated with it. Speaking of plant names, I caught Tom trying to ring the 'bells' of our blue bells today!
Ann T.
Linking in with Passion and Plants, look up the plant named "Passiflora" and the significance of each part of the plant, and how it links to the Passion story. I have this plant, as did my mother and my grandmother, a family favourite.

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